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Constantin Keck

About me

I am a 27-year young nature photographer originally from Germany. I can’t remember when I shot my first image, but it must have been when I was around 13 years old. At this time my life changed dramatically from staying in Germany to travelling to our wonderful planet. I was fortunate enough to visit places I have never heard of before. As I reached the age of 16, I travelled to the continent of Africa for the very first time. At this time, it was one of the very first times I took charge of my father’s rather old DSLR. A Sony Alpha 390 with a basic wide-angle lens and a 300mm zoom lens. This was all the equipment including an old £20 tripod. I quickly got really used to the camera and even though I will shoot for more than 2 years in JPEG mode I was really enjoying it. At this, I didn’t even try the manual mode until I was 18 years young. Like everything else my first safari was over way to fast I knew exactly what I fell in love straight away with Africa’s beautiful landscapes and wildlife.

I went to High school located in the Western Cape of South Africa for the next two years until I was 18 years old. Photography was always in my head and slowly I was buying some cheap equipment such as filters and remote controls to create different images until I bought the DSLR that I am still using today.

The Sony Alpha 77ii is one of the best decisions that I have made in those years and some of the images and their stories I got from it will never be forgotten. After finishing High-school I had enough spare time to do some more photography in all the free time I could spare. I also started shooting a lot of more complicated images such as long exposures, composites, milky way shots and tried out several other techniques that I learned over the Internet. Shooting in RAW made post progressing also a lot easier and more adjustable. In the last 3 years I also acquired a Bachelor’s in Animal Behaviour while studying in the UK.

Currently I am situated in Budapest, Hungary studying veterinary medicine focusing on photo session and model- photography.

My Gear

I worked with my Sony Alpha 77ii for about 5 years until I finally upgraded in 2018 to the full-frame DSLR Sony 99ii. I am an enthusiastic Sony user, but I do buy my lenses from other companies. My lens collection includes a Tamron 150-600mm SP for Wildlife Photography as well as a Sony 70-200 F2.8 which I also use for portrait photography. My Landscapes are normally shot on my Tamron 15-30mm F2.8 which I also use for my Astrophotography. Sometimes I also create small Videos or time lapses for my Facebook page. This is where my DJI Spark and my Gimbal comes in handy creating smooth footage.
"Photography isnt a job, it is a passion

Constantin Keck


Constantin Keck Photography is working with personal customers as well as commercial customers from all around the world. 

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Feel free to contact me and ask me anything about possible future purchases or general enquiries.